Case Study – Washbay

Water Smarter with NBT

NBT worked with a reputed organisation with a truck fleet of over 350 vehicles with significant amount of water being used at its Washbay. NBT undertook a trial for the treatment of the wastewater to enable a possible reuse of treated water for the organisation. Pictured below is the wastewater transformation at 15-minute treatment intervals. 

Coliform Reduction

Reduced 99.99% Coliforms

COD Reduction

COD Reduced by 36%

BOD Reduction

BOD Reduced by 39%

Other notable results

Reduced odour and discolouration

Discussion of Results

Longer trial run could have enabled even greater reduction of COD and BOD. The improved water properties provided an opportunity for the trial host to reuse their water at the wash bay that could make them more environmentally friendly in their operations but also allow for cost savings.