Case Study – Seasonal Grasses

Nano Bubble Technologies (NBT) completed a comparative study to test the effects of nanobubble water versus bore water on the growth of seasonal grasses.

Nanobubble water, due to its lower viscous nature achieved better dispersion and infiltration. Further, with effective nutrient uptake with Oxygen being a vital nutrient enhanced the root system.

These combined factors led to the following results:

  • Nanobubble water plots had visibly more volume in its roots
  • Under similar conditions, Nanobubble water had 34% increase in root growth by mass
  • Nanobubble water indicated to have allowed cool season grass to stand the stress of extended intervals between watering
  • Nanobubble water plots with cool season grass survived over 50C in the glasshouse due to superior root systems achieved by Nanobubble water
  • Benefits not only seen in root dry matter but the tops were significantly improved with the use of nanobubble water with 16.3% increased top growth compared to bore water
  • Efficiency of nutrient uptake, especially nitrogen was significantly improved with the use of Nanobubble Water