Sports Turf

Our Sports Turf installations has provided sporting clubs with a competitive advantage with improved turf quality.

Notable results of irrigating sport fields with our highly saturated oxygen water is summarised as below:

Key Benefits

  • Improved turf respiration and water penetration
  • Favourable conditions for beneficial soil micro flora/fauna
  • Improved root development
  • Black layer remediation through the soil profile
  • Effective Pythium control
  • Highly resilient grasses withstanding stress

Bent Grass Root Trial Results Through Summer

As you can see from the image on the left that Avondale Golf Club had consistent growth on bent grass throughout a very hot and dry Sydney summer. This is unheard of in the turf industry on bent grass.

Bent Grass Root Density and Penetration Trial

The NBT team recently conducted trials at one of Australia’s top golf courses. The client irrigated 100ml per day for 6 weeks and noticed that the NBT water infiltrated twice as quick as their bore water but didn’t notice a lot of growth on top of the pods. Once the pods were opened they noticed that the 3 pods that had been irrigated with NBT water were healthier and had a 400% increase in the root density (images on the right).

Bent Grass Root Density Trial

David Warwick from Avondale Golf Club recently completed some additional trials. David irrigated every 2-3 days and noticed that the NBT treated dam water infiltrated twice as quick as their raw dam water. Once the pods were opened, David noticed that the NBT treated dam water had healthier and stronger roots.