Case Study – Aquaculture

NBT in Aquaculture

Reforming the Aquaculture Industry

In various formats of fisheries aquaculture applications, NBT technology has the ability to control optimal levels of dissolved oxygen against environmental incident, temperature, fish stocking oxygen and water quality demand. NBT do this at scale with efficiency and ease of use.

Our Goals

Positive fish health and safety

Reduced operating costs

Improved tank and system management

Improved growth and growth velocity

Improved eating quality

Our Results

Increased Yield

Reduced Fractionation

Reduced maintenance and monitoring

Cleaner tanks with almost no solid build up during trial period 

Lesser agitation and disturbance for fishes

Ability to increase stock volume

Challenges in Abalone Industry

  1. High energy of operation
  2. High operational cost – protection of abalone from heat
  3. Sub-saturation levels of Dissolved Oxygen
  4. Current attempts to increase Dissolved Oxygen failing or only temporary
  5. Due to the above, limited volume for cultivation remains a challenge

NBT’s Potential

  1. Increase yield and provide healthier abalone
  2. Increase stock volume due to better growing environment
  3. Increase resistance to high temperature
  4. Increase oxygen saturation without harming the abalone
  5. Provide solution for sterilisation
  6. Increased tank water quality and clarity
  7. Increase feed efficiency
  8. Increase shelf life
  9. Reduce operational and maintenance cost