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Sports Turf

With NBT irrigate with cleaner dam water with increased oxygen for greater turf health with pythium free summers. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT NBT SPORTS TURF SOLUTIONS

Clean In Place

NBT’s versatile technology is compatible with ozone which aid in cleaning and sanitisation without the use of chemicals.


Small scale trials performed provided a 50% reduction in steeping time and 100% increase in germination rate.


Improved growth and superior quality of aquaculture stock through better growing environment.


With increased oxygen supply, enjoy healthier root systems, greater yields and algae control.


Achieve discolouration, reduced odour, BOD and COD with our wastewater systems.


Nano Bubble Technologies (NBT) is an emerging technology business that offers a unique, highly adaptable, and environmentally sustainable solution across a number of verticals. Very simply our Technology (Patented Nano Bubble Injector) allows us to infuse gases into liquids for targeted results. To date, NBT work specifically with the infusion of oxygen into water for applications in the turf, hydroponics and agriculture. Injecting high concentrates of ozone into water for sanitisation.

Why us

Be a part of an emerging technology that is Environmentally Sustainable and revolutionise your business.