Case Study – Malting

Malt More with NBT

How we Transform Malting!

Reduced Process Time

Reduce Steeping and Germination Time by 6 Hours.

Reduced Water Consumption

Reduce water consumption by 50%.

Increase Process Efficiency

Allow for steeping and germination to occur as a single process.

Less Mortality

Barley seeds have significantly less mortality rate than the control process

                                      “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”

NBT adds value and increases savings on Malting

NBT has the capability to increase and hold Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in liquids in nano bubble form. The increased DO in liquids is proving to be transformational technology for the malt industry.

The nano bubble trial led at the host’s Lab provided encouraging results. The NBT system during the trial demonstrated protein modification as consistently higher values than the control process. The trial also successfully reduced water consumption, while also successfully reducing germination time. Barley before (Left) and after (Right) NBT trial is illustrated below.