Case Study – Avondale


Tee Off with NBT

NBT is privileged to have the superintendent of Avondale Golf Club, one of New South Wales’ premier golf courses speak on our technology. Follow the video link and case study below to know more about our incredible results, achieved through increasing and holding dissolved oxygen in nano bubble form!

increase dissolve oxygen

The initial implementation of the NBT sports turf solution made an instant impact on the water quality and is now delivering 23ppm of dissolved oxygen every time they irrigate.

Irrigated with NBT treated dam water.


root health and algae removal

The dam water is no longer black and foul smelling. More importantly the greater oxygen content in the water has meant that the turf is healthier, root density has increased, algae and fungi is gone, and they had their first Pythium free summer in decades! 

Use less products

Avondale also reported a 60% reduction in applied products throughout a very hot and dry summer.