Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Our CIP system is a chemical-free solution that uses ozone in a safe method of delivery through nanobubbles.

Our solution has proven to be effective against bacteria and fungi as well as various other pathogens.

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of some current CIP cycles, thereby shortening cleaning times

  • Savings in water usage

  • Ozone is a non chemical non rinse sanitizer

  • Ozone gazetted by FSANZ for use in water

  • Uses cold water so reduction in hot water i.e. energy

  • Reduction in chemical use

How Will Ozone Help CIP

Ozone is active or supercharged oxygen. It occurs naturally high in the earths atmosphere. Ozone has proven to be 3,500 times more powerful in killing bacteria than Chlorine. Ozone sterilizers, decolourises, deodorisers and will revert back to oxygen once it oxidises (generally 22 minutes). Ozone kills all bacteria and is known to be the most effective bactericide on earth.

Scientific Papers & Articles

 How Ozone Affects Bacteria (Susan Lillard)